Limassol Stone

Types of finish

Recommended Use

The Limassol Stone is used for wall cladding, window frames/ profiles, swimming pool copings, crazy paving, balustrades, steps, fireplaces, etc. It can be provided in any size and shape, as well as 3D design to your exact specifications.

Technical Specifications

This type of stone is a massive fine –grained calcarenite with a holocrystalline texture, consisting mainly of micro-crystalline calcite (92%) and mono-crystalline quartz (8%). It has a simple chemical composition, being made up mainly from calcium carbonate (CaCO3 - 92%) and silica (SiO2 – 8%).

Extensive laboratory investigations in Cyprus and the US, have shown that the Limassol Stone, apart from its aesthetically superb colorations which are enhanced as time goes by, it also has excellent natural properties which satisfy even the most demanding specifications in the construction industry. The unit weight of our stone is 123.1 lb/ft³ and is thereby classified as Type I, low-density stone.

Table - Physical requirements for Type I (Low Density)


Physical PropertyTest requirements per C568/ C568M-10 *Specifications of our Limassol StoneResults
Absorption by weight, max, %7,56,9lower water absorption
Density,min, lb/ft³110123,1
Compressive strength, min, psi [MPA]18002862 (wet); 3546 (dry)high compressive strength
Modulus of rapture, min, psi [MPA]400526 (wet); 535 (dry)
Flexural strengthn/a1223 (wet); 1549 (dry)good flexural strength
* C568/ C568M-10 is the Standard for Limestone Dimension Stone issued by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).