About us

Mr. Costas Michaelides, at Ayios Ilarionas quarry in Kerynia, 1963

Mr. Costas Michaelides, at Ayios Ilarionas quarry in Kerynia, 1963

COSTAS MICHAELIDES LTD is an experienced and perfectly organized company well-equipped with high-technology machinery.

The company was created in 1948 and has shown an excelling development since then. COSTAS MICHAELIDES LTD quarries and processes Limassol Stone in great quantities and is also one of the leading firms in Cyprus importing and processing top-quality granite, marble, onyx, quartz surfaces and other artificial materials.

Our connection to the Limassol Stone

The history of Limassol Stone goes as far back as 3000 years. Ancient monuments such as the Curium theatre, the Limassol Castle and the Kolossi Castle, are furnished by this stone and are reserved in excellent condition until today.

During the 1970s, the Company’s founder, Mr. Costas Michaelides, was the first to introduce the natural stone again into the domestic construction industry, and to thereby connect the past, with the present and future. As a result, our company has enriched the Construction Industry of Cyprus with a durable material of superb aesthetic qualities and convenient use.

Nowadays, the Limassol Stone continues to be quarried and processed in great quantities by our factory and is also being exported, amongst others, to European countries, with centuries of tradition in the production and use of similar natural stones. Our quarries are located in the area of Pachna and more specifically in Agios Amvrosios, Anogyra, and Kivides.